TriboLiv™ Clearance Control (TriboLiv™)

Nominally .002" - .020"

The next generation of Abradable Powder Coatings™ is here today!

With TriboLiv™, we're adding to our family of Abradable Powder Coatings™. TriboLiv™ is an enhancement of our existing line of APC products and is ideal for more extreme applications.


Other Line2Line products:

  • Reduces Stock Clearance for Best Fit
  • Able to withstand higher loads
  • Has a higher effective operating temperature range
  • Can be applied thick
  • Even greater friction reduction properties than standard Slick CC™
  • Armor CC
  • Boost CC
  • ThermBar
  • Thin Slick
  • HTP Black
  • Slick CC





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