About our coatings


Line2Line Inc. is licensed to manufacture and apply patented abradable coatings for clearance control, anti-galling, and low friction. This technology was developed for the automotive industry, and has been used on millions of vehicles since 2000. Now it is available to you. We make a full spectrum of coatings in terms of thickness, strength, and friction properties which perform in a wide range of applications. From concept, to prototype, to production, Line2Line Coatings can help you improve the performance and durability of your equipment.

Abradable Powder Coatings™ improve the efficiency of blowers, compressors, engines, pumps, etc., by safely reducing operating clearances. The coatings can be applied very thick and sometimes provide an interference fit when a device is assembled. During initial operation, the coating breaks in to form a perfect fit between mating parts. Controlled abrasion even accounts for thermal and torque related distortions in components as the coating wears in. Once the optimum fit is achieved, stresses on the coating are reduced and the break-in process stops. Durable, low friction, anti-scuff properties of the coating maintain tighter operating clearances and higher efficiency for the life of the device.

"The burn has never been cleaner...the riders feel less vibration and smoother power. After 400 very hard race miles, the pistons still look like new."
Frank Giannini - Giannini Racing ★★★★★


In oiled applications such as pistons, our coatings support the oil film by several mechanisms. During break in, they naturally seek the optimal position on the Stribeck Diagram. This event, known as Stribeck Fitting™ , minimizes friction and wear because components ride on a 'MAGIC CARPET OF OIL'. Wouldn't you rather ride on oil than on your parts?

We serve the race, automotive, off road, marine, small engine and industrial markets, with total dedication to customer satisfaction.