Slick Clearance Control™

(Slick CC™)

Piston Skirt Coating reduces operational clearances, protects piston skirts from scuffing, retains oil, and reduces friction. Recommended when piston and bore dimensions are providing stock clearances.

Armor Clearance Control™

(Armor CC™)

Extreme wear resistance provides lasting enlargement of piston skirt dimensions. Recommended for restoring clearances where they have opened up from skirt collapse, wear, clean-up honing or other.

TriboLiv™ Clearance Control


With TriboLiv, we're adding to our family of Abradable Powder Coatings. TriboLiv is an enhancement of our existing line of APC products and is ideal for more extreme applications.

Boost Clearance Control™

(Boost CC™)

We apply ThinSlick™ in seal scrub areas for lower friction and longer seal life. Effectively reduces back-flow between the rotors and between rotors and housing.



High temperature, chemically stable, thin film lubricant reduces friction and protects your components. Recommended where there is no room for coating thickness to affect part dimensions.

Thermal Barrier Coating


Our ThermBar piston crown coating is a ceramic-metallic coating which reflects heat back into the combustion chamber and improves engine operation.