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A lot of companies make claims about how their coatings improve engine performance. Here’s how Line2Line’s self-fitting Abradable Powder Coatings™ delivers:

  • Build it tight; coating wears in for a long-term fit
  • Creates and maintains the optimum oil film
  • Stabilizes pistons and other components
  • Thickness from .0007" to .020"+
  • Safely reduces clearance
  • Improves ring seal
  • Extends ring life
  • Decreases friction
  • Provides scuff protection
  • Tolerates foreign particles
  • Proven in OEM, race and military applications

Line2Line Coatings has three locations across the United States. From pistons to gun bolts, our coatings can refresh, repair and restore components to “better than new” condition!

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Our Coatings

Our coatings cover a broad spectrum of thickness, strength, and friction properties designed to perform in a wide range of applications. From concept, to prototype, to production, Line2Line Coatings can help you improve the performance and durability of your equipment.

Slick CC™

Burnishes itself to the optimum fit in your bore...then it LASTS.

Armor CC™

For building diametric thickness 0.002" to 0.020" - our hardest skirt coating.

Boost CC™

We apply ThinSlick™ in seal scrub areas for lower friction and longer seal life. All other rotor surfaces are coated with Boost Clearance Control™ to achieve HIGH FILM BUILD.


TriboLiv™ is an enhancement of our existing line of APC products and is ideal for more extreme applications.

Thin Slick™

High temperature, chemically stable, thin film lubricant reduces friction and protects your components. Recommended where there is no room for coating thickness to affect part dimensions.


Our ThermBar piston crown coating is a ceramic-metallic coating which reflects heat back into the combustion chamber and improves engine operation

How thin/thick can you apply your Abradable Powder Coatings?

As little as .00035” per side (.0007” diameter) up to .010” per side (.020” diameter) or more

Does it matter whether the pistons are new or used?

No, we can successfully coat either type.

What if my piston skirts already have a coating on them?

Coating preparation includes removing any existing skirt coating to insure the best adhesion.

For more information, please visit our FAQs page.